Al From A Scent Like Wolves Interviews with US!

Al From A Scent Like Wolves Interviews with US!


Brandon Harris

4/18/20184 min read

Brandon Harris: How did you all come together to form a band?

AL: I'll give you a brief history. During our senior year in high school, Jeff Brown and myself starting writing songs after a few months of conversing in study hall. We've known each other since

elementary school, and talked about getting a band together for quite sometime. In May 2010 we officially launched A Scent Like Wolves, recorded a demo EP in June, played our first show in August, and recorded a demo LP 'Holding Hands with Fake Reality' in December of the same year. Our debut album '...And the Story Goes' was released in 2013 and our latest album 'Frigid Future' just dropped on March 18 through We Are Triumphant (US) and Maxtreme Records (Japan). Unfortunately, Jeff is no longer with the band but we all remain good friends to this day.

Brandon Harris? In your eyes what sets you apart from other musicians in the industry?

AL: That's a tough question. We all work hard together in the sense that we understand the bigger picture and or outcome. For instance, we don't just tackle and obstacle quickly to.

Brandon Harris: Your vocals are so different from others in the industry. How did you find such a great duo?

AL: Thank you! Well, up until Frigid Future, I did all of the main vocals on every release. During the recording of '...And the Story Goes', we were 90% finished with vocal tracks and then Nick stepped into the booth to do a little screaming on the song Game Changer. We loved how it sounded and we were like "Why don't we just have him scream permanently?" To which case, I now stick to singing and doing the low registered screams. Nick and myself are also brothers, so it's very organic when we work together.

Brandon Harris: What musicians do you look up to?

AL: Everybody in our band has an extensive playlist, so I'm gonna make an educated guess about the other guys right now:

Cody: Brand New/ Poison the Well/ Boysetsfire

Kyle: Between the Buried and Me/ The Black Dahlia Murder/ Periphery

Nick: Fightstar/ Issues/ Funeral For A Friend

Me: FACT/ Enter Shikari/ 30 Seconds to Mars

Brandon Harris: Having been together for going on 6 years, what do you consider to be some of your greatest accomplishments?

AL: Playing the Santander Arena in our hometown Reading, PA was very surreal. That show was with Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead. We have played a few other festivals with the Asking dudes and many more bands like All That Remains, The Devil Wears Prada, Terror, Suicide Silence, etc. Signing to the labels last year in November was a total highlight in ASLW, and also releasing 'Frigid Future!' We are very thankful to continue touring this year, and our fans are immensely supportive!

Brandon Harris: How did you come up with the name A Scent Like Wolves?

AL: I actually came up with the band name after watching this badass movie 'Ninja Assassin!' During an intense part of the movie, the supporting character says "Following our scent? Like dogs?", and the lead character responds with "No. Like wolves." So after that I pieced together A Scent Like Wolves.

Brandon Harris: Coming from PA, what is the scene like, and how did you adapt, if at all to get shows and build a base?

AL: The scene in PA is really divided in my opinion. I think the metal/pop-punk/alt scene sticks together, and then there's strictly a scene for hardcore. We just started playing as much shows as possible and making connections.

Brandon Harris: Your video for the song " Haunted" has a great feel. How did you all put it together?

AL: Thanks! We wanted to theme the video like the album artwork cover for Frigid Future. We are all fans of visuals that go hand in hand. Our director Tim Burton flew out from Utah for a whole weekend, and he created an incredible product!

Brandon Harris: Where do you plan to be as individuals and as a band in 5 years?

AL: Individually, I don't think we know. As a band, we definitely want to continue touring and hopefully playing some of the bigger festivals such as Warped Tour.

Brandon Harris: Any big plans for this summer?

AL: We are doing a little bit of touring in May, and at the end of August. Both are unannounced so far, but should be soon! The band also plans to write new material!

Brandon Harris:How is the Frigid Future Tour going? How is it being on tour?

AL: It's been fun! Vital Signs and Gladiators are very friendly. We typically make the most out of every tour, in terms of making sweet pit stops and or partying. The best part of touring would be meeting new fans, and reconnecting with older, loyal fans.

rris: You all always have some pretty neat artwork. Who creates the graphics you all use?

AL: That would be our homie Cory 'Curly' Swope. He has done the band's artwork for almost every release, and did Frigid Future. Check out his website and Instagram!

Brandon Harris: What do you have to say to young people attempting to get into music?

AL: Don't give up so easily! Music is a very difficult business, and it's not for the faint of heart. Stick to your heart, work hard, and don't be an asshole!