Bad Seed Rising Interview

Bad Seed Rising Interview


Kelly Muscalino

6/25/20163 min read

Kelly Muscalino:What got you into music?

Louey: My dad is a musician so i've been around it for years.

Kelly Muscalino: Where do you plan to be in five years?

Louey: Taking over the world and just sharing our music with everyone.

Kelly Muscalino: What is the most memorable show you have played to this point?

Louey: We played the K-Roc athon in NY last year and there were like 15,000 people there so the rush from playing that show was just insane!

Kelly Muscalino: What is it like having a strong female lead?

Louey: It's really cool and i think it throws some people off but she definitely holds her own.

Kelly Muscalino: You all have a really unique sound and it definitely settles well, any new albums in the works?

Louey: Yup! We're finishing up our debut record as we speak so keep your ears open!

Kelly Muscalino:What is the biggest achievement to date?

Louey: Probably getting to play Warped Tour or being in the movie Spy. Not to mention getting signed so young!

Kelly Muscalino: What's it like being on warped tour?

Louey: We haven't started yet but it's looking like its going to be super fun!

Francheska Pastor- Of Bad Seed Rising

Kelly Muscalino: Where did the name Bad Seed Rising come from?

Louey:Our guitar player Mason came up with it at a McDonalds after rehearsal actually haha!

Kelly Muscalino: Are you all touring all year?

Louey: We'll be out from 6/24- 7/27 on Warped Tour and then right from the end of Warped we go out with I Prevail until August 26th.

Kelly Muscalino: As a band what are some of the best points and the struggles you have run into?

Louey: Our highs have been getting signed, playing warped tour and being in Spy. As far as struggles go i'd say really getting people to take us seriously since we're kids.

Kelly Mucalino: What are some goals you have as a band?

Louey: To just share our music with as many people as possible and have fun doing it.

Kelly Muscalino: Who are some role models you looked up to when you were first getting into music?

Louey: GNR, Aerosmith, Deftones, Refused, Incubus, Led Zeppelin just to name a few.

Kelly Muscalino: Any big plans for after tour?

Louey: I guess just hanging out with friends and such. We dont really have anything planned yet.

Kelly Muscalino: Every band has a clown, whos the funny guy in the band?

Louey: Haha definitely Aiden or Mason, they crack jokes all the time and make us all laugh constantly.

Kelly Muscalino: What inspires a new song?

Louey: Anything really. It could be another song, a feeling one of us had while doing something, a photo that brings out some kind of emotion or message. Any thing in life can inspire any of us at any time.

Kelly Muscalino:As a band what has been the best experience you have had as a team?

Louey: Watching our hard work pay off and getting signed for sure.

Louie - Of Bad Seed Rising

Kelly Muscalino: What does each person contribute to the band?

Louey: We all bring something to the table whether it's riff idea's, melodies, drum beats, ect. No one has one set thing they contribute.

Kelly Muscalino:What would you say to young musicians getting into the industry?

Louey: Have fun playing whatever you want to play and dont care what people think. If you've got something special people will notice. Ignore anyone that hates and just do what you want.

Kelly Muscalino:Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Louey: We love each and every one of you and look forward to meeting all of you on Warped! Come hang out at our tent! You can get all our music on iTunes, Google Play, Youtube and Spotify and keep up with us on all social media sites! See you this summer!