Eminem Releases Diss Track to MGK

Eminem Releases Diss Track to MGK

Brandon Harris

9/14/20182 min read

MGK and Eminem have it out over a few diss tracks this past week and MGK is surley hurting for a come back right about now. Eminem released his diss to MGK'S recent diss track " Rap Devil" about 8 hours ago and Eminem Destroyed him with talent and skill. The two rappers have had it out on a global platform and its seemingly just begun.

The recent feud between Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) and Eminem has taken the music world by storm. Over the past week, the two rappers engaged in a battle of diss tracks, leaving fans in utter shock and anticipation. It all started when MGK released his track titled "Rap Devil," which aimed direct shots at Eminem. However, just eight hours ago, Eminem retaliated with a blistering response, leaving MGK reeling and desperate for a comeback. In his diss track, Eminem showcased his unmatched talent and skill, effortlessly dismantling MGK's arguments with sharp lyrics and undeniable musical prowess.

The feud between MGK and Eminem has quickly escalated into a global spectacle, captivating audiences worldwide. Fans eagerly await the next move from both artists, wondering if this rap war is just getting started. With the release of Eminem's counter-diss, it seems clear that he won't back down easily. The intense back and forth between these two performers has undeniably captivated the music industry, generating a buzz that shows no signs of dying down. Only time will tell how this feud will unfold, and fans are eagerly keeping their eyes and ears open for what's to come.st content

The two rappers have gone toe to toe the last week switching diss tracks and lot''s of emotion but as we look at both MGK has a net worth of $8 Million dollars as Eminem has a networth of $190 Million. Each have had their successes but surly MGK knew what he was getting into stepping to the rap god. Eminem has just delivered a diss response to MGK'S track released on September 3rd, 2018. "KillShot" published just 8 hours ago now has over 19 Million Views. MGK'S track "Rap Devil" is currently at 75 million views. We will see where both tracks go over the next few weeks.

Now we can only wait and watch to see if MGK brings back anything with more lyricism and less mumble rap. As of now I truly feel though it may have been a great career move for MGK he brought way to little skill to a battle he could have gone much farther with. We will keep our eyes pealed to see if he comes back with anything with more substance. MGK though catchy, lacks any real punches with substance.

Eminem has come back into the game this year with his new album release and now this beef with MGK. We will Keep you updated as this goes on!