Finger Eleven Interview

Finger Eleven Interview


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11/18/20154 min read

Brandon Harris: Any big plans for the band in the new year?

Finger 11: Yes! We will be making a new record this year. We have recently changed labels and are in the middle of the figuring out the details. But there will be new music and then touring.

Brandon Harris: What are the differences between the music industries in Canada and the U.S?

Finger 11: The biggest difference is the simple size and scope of the U.S. Market. We have been fortunate to break into both and I'm not sure if there are many differences. I think the music industry is pretty much the same everywhere.

Brandon Harris: What was it like reaching the top ten of Americas hot hundred?

Finger 11: Unbelievable. We are a bunch of guys that started this exact band in high school. We never thought we would ever get on the radio in any country. Canada has always been a huge supporter of us. But when we had that kind of success in the states in took the band to a whole new level.

Brandon Harris: What was it like when reaching multi-platinum in your home country of Canada?

Finger 11: Having success at home is what I think everyone would like to achieve. We were lucky to have that kind of success

Brandon Harris: How is it coming with the album your coming out with later this year?

Finger 11: We are really excited about the new music. It is a very diverse group of songs we have written. It'll be really interesting watching the record making process happen with this group of tunes.

Brandon Harris: How was it like when you performed your first show?

Finger 11: It was amazing and instant. We had rehearsed but never talked about performing. But as soon as the music started the band gelled In away we had never felt before.

Brandon Harris: Out of all your albums you put out which one is your favorite and why?

Finger 11: It honestly changes. I tend to actually go back and listen to our records. I'm very proud of them. But if I had to pick one right now I would pick.....finger eleven. The self titled

Brandon Harris: What was the biggest struggle the band had to come over?

Finger 11: I think the hardest thing is to make music that every member LOVES. And to stay together, as friends or as a band.

Brandon Harris: Who was your favorite artist to Duet with?

Finger 11: We haven't had a lot of duets but one of my favorite songs we did was a project with the alcoholics. We released a cool versi+on of Damm. We also did a couple shows were Amy Lee came out on stage and sang One Thing with us. That was fun

Brandon Harris: What was your favorite tour?

Finger 11: Opening for Ozzy Osbourne across Canada. Hands down some of the times for the band.

Brandon Harris: Who inspires you in your music, what musicians did you grow up looking up too?

Finger 11. It definitely would be a different answer from each member. For me, Neil Young and Jimi Hendrix were the 2 main reasons I ever picked up the guitar. I also listened to a lot of metal. At that time, slayer,Metallica,AcDc, Mötley Crüe. But there are many bands that we all agree on. Iron Maiden, Jeff Buckley, the Beatles, tool being some of them. and probably the most important is Pink Floyd.

Brandon Harris: As a band we all grew up on you guys were on the radio, and all over, when are you going to be dropping your next hit?

Finger 11: Next hit? Shit, I don't think we would ever have 1. Not sure if it'll be a hit but new music this year for sure.

Brandon Harris: What was it like having your game on guitar hero and rock band?

Finger 11: Scott and myself are pretty serious gamers. So playing a great game with your game attached is an amazing feeling. My favorite was 1080 for GameCube!

Brandon Harris: What is your next big goal?

Finger 11: Our goal has always been just to make another record that we're proud of. That is still the goal

Brandon Harris: From 1989 to now what are the biggest changes you see in music today?

Finger 11: Biggest is easily the internet. As a fan it's the greatest thing that ever happened to music. Not so great for the business side, that's for sure.

Brandon Harris: Who are you as people off stage, and what are you like when not working?

Finger 11: We are very chill people. Constantly writing and consuming ideas. Huge music fans. Always hiding in plain sight.

Brandon Harris: What was 2013 in a wrap for you all, where were you?

Finger 11: We wrote. A lot. We also had a member leave, Rich Beddoe. But the band is focused and excited to finally get this album made.

Brandon Harris: What is your biggest accomplishment as a band since you guys made your first song together?

Finger 11: First Gold record in the US was unbelievable. That was something that only existed in dreams. But our biggest accomplishment is staying together and staying excited. Thanks man! Pls send a link when finished!