Johan Matranga - Half Way To A Hunderd,

Johan Matranga - Half Way To A Hunderd,


Brandon Harris

6/6/20192 min read


I used the Zeppelin 50th anniversary name generator to make the header. I'm turning 50 this year too, and no band is my DNA more than Zeppelin, and I'm a rocknerd for life, so... anyway:

My next release will be HALFWAY TO A HUNDRED. It'll be 50 tracks: 25 fresh recordings of songs from over the years, and 25 brand new songs. Between writing/recording ALONE REWINDING: 23 YEARS OF FATHERHOOD & MUSIC, and then doing the WATER & SOLUTIONS 20th anniversary stuff last year, I've thought a lot about everything that led to now, and what I want to do next. Along the way, a ton of new tunes have built up, and this feels like a fun way to release them: celebrating the past and the future at the same time, all in a DIY, communal, interactive way.

I'm launching a Kickstarter for the Halfway To A Hundred project on June 11. It will run until August 11, my actual bday. H2H will be a very communal affair. People will be able to vote on which tunes and which bands to revisit, choose their favorite old and new merch designs, and lots more.

Similarly, the shows this year will be especially full of special guests (people from all the bands, friends in places I'm playing, etc), with solo and band sets and everything in between. It'll really just depend on where we are and who's there. The first two H2H shows will be on my birthday weekend. I'll play San Francisco on Saturday, August 10 at Bottom of the Hill, which is still my fave SF venue, and might be the only venue in the world that all of my different bands have played. On Sunday, August 11, I'll turn 50 playing Harlow's in good ol' Sacto, where my musical life really got going. As it happens, Harlow's also happens to be about 100 yards of the house we lived in when my daughter came home. Should be a real fun weekend.

Beyond the birthday weekend, shows around the world are being booked now: East-ish U.S. stuff in late August, EU stuff in September, UK in October, a few shows in Australia in November, and some West-ish U.S. stuff in December. Who knows what else will happen, but all that is for sure.

Anyone interested, I'd love to talk in more detail about any of this. I appreciate whatever you can do to spread the word and help make this year great. Thanks for everything that led to it.

Love to you & yrs — Jonah