Josh Todd With Buck Cherry Sits Down with us!

Josh Todd With Buck Cherry Sits Down with us!


Brandon Harris

3/23/20164 min read

Brandon Harris: What got you guy’s into music in the first place?

Josh Todd: The only thing that consistently makes us happy.

Brandon Harris: Who if anyone inspired you in your youth?

Josh Todd: My Grandpa, I adored him.

Brandon Harris: As a band what are the goals you set in place for this year?

Josh Todd: Have the biggest hit of our career off the Rock ’N' Roll record, get nominated for a Grammy, expand our worldwide fan base, and always shake things up.

Brandon Harris: Your new album rock ‘N’ roll is on the way. What can we expect to see from it?

Josh Todd: You can expect a great 10 song record by 5 guys who give a shit. It may be our best.

Brandon Harris: Where did the name Buckcherry come from?

Josh Todd: A name we gave our herpie sores, thought it was catchy.

Brandon Harris: Crazy Bitch is by far one of the best songs ever, how did you all come up with the concept? How does it feel to have hit 13 million people?

Josh Todd: I was driving around LA in my Toyota pick up truck thinking about all the crazy girls in the past I had been with and started to sing the melody for the chorus. Didn't want to forget it so I called Keith and sang it into his voicemail told him how I wanted the music to go and it came together really quick. Hits are what you dream so writing one was like cumming.

Brandon Harris: Do you all agree when writing a song on the lyrics and music? How do you go about the creative process?

Josh Todd: It happens all kinds of ways sometimes with just a melody and sometimes just music, then we put it together.

Brandon Harris: How do you go about naming each album and picking the cover art?

Josh Todd: We start having dialogue usually during the writing process once we're nearing the end we toss around a few ideas until we have it.

Brandon Harris: You guys have been releasing music like crazy this year, have you been holding back since 2013? Or is this more of a spur of the moment thing?

Josh Todd: We own our own label now so we get to be as prolific as we want it's the best time to be in Buckcherry.

Brandon Harris: How long did it take to put your new album together?

Josh Todd: Wrote it in like 4 weeks and recorded it in like 3-4 weeks.

Brandon Harris: What is life on tour like? Does the lifestyle affect the home life?

Josh Todd: Life on the road is a night routine and life at home is a day routine it's an adjustment for sure. Our lifestyle on the road is the same at home it's just going to work to the best job.

Brandon Harris:Who are you guys when you're not on stage? What do you enjoy in life when not out on tour?

Josh Todd: I enjoy my family when I'm home, my hobby is racing go karts.

Brandon Harris: Who and or what band has been the most inspirational to ever play with?

Josh Todd: AC/DC

Brandon Harris: Do you feel your music has made changes in the world?

Josh Todd: Fuck yeah.

Brandon Harris: Impacting so many young fans, how do you feel you can plant seeds as artist that can make a better place for future generations?

Josh Todd: By letting them know that you don't have to play by anyone else's rules you can make up your own story but you must work hard at your craft. There's too much mediocrity in the world. We're drowning in information, but we're starving for wisdom.

Brandon Harris:We all as humans see the bright side of fame can you shed some light on the reality of making it to your dreams? Is it a glam life? and what type of work does it take to get to the point you have in your careers?

Josh Todd: The rock game is hard work there's nothing glamorous about it, sure there are perks along the way but it's a lot of sacrifice, solitude, and blood, sweat, and tears. So you better be passionate or do something else.

Brandon Harris: What are your plans after releasing this upcoming album? Any tours planned with the new music? and if so where?

Josh Todd: Always touring, worldwide.

Brandon Harris: You guys are now going on 20 years as a band, first coming together in 1995 did you ever see your music lasting this long?

Josh Todd: Yes I saw it, visualized it, moved towards it, and achieved it.

Brandon Harris: Who do you consider to be some of your favorite bands?

Josh Todd: Minor threat, GBH, The Toy Dolls, prince, Stevie wonder, James brown, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, N.W.A, Easy-E, the Getto Boys, blackcrows, rage against the machine. To name a few.

Brandon Harris : In your song dead you state and I Quote “Dead, we are helpless, we have nothing and nothing's wrong, We're committed, we are hungry, we are strong, Dead, we are restless, we are broken but standing tall, We're devoted, we are driven, we are cause. What does this mean? What was the writing of this song based upon?

Josh Todd: It's a cry from the generation of kids who are outcasts because they don't follow "traditional" ways of thinking society turns there back on them. But they always wind up winning. I'm one of those kids.

Brandin Harris: What are some of the biggest changes in the industry over the past 20 years in your opinion?

Josh Todd: No controlled marketplace anymore so you don't see any crazy movements in music anymore, people are more interested in singles than albums and are selling less every year. It is cheaper to market and make records so it balances out a little but not a lot. Live entertainment is still important which is great for us because we play 100% live no pre recorded tracks.
Brandon Harris: Do you have anything you would like to say to your fan’s?

Josh Todd: Become a part of the Cherry Bomb Squad if you aren't already. Don't be ordinary.