Threat Point Interview

Threat Point Interview


Michelle Naylor

7/10/20173 min read

What has Threatpoint been up to this summer?

CJ: Honestly, it's been super quiet this summer! We are taking a bit of downtime as we all have some stuff going on in our personal lives. Doing some one off shows here and there.

What is the coolest show you have ever played?

CJ: That's a tough one! We've played a lot of cool shows from coast to coast through the past few years... everything from opening up for Stryper, Adrenaline Mob, Butcher Babies... to playing a little town in West Virginia in the mountains where they were literally moving to a little tiki bar room in which we played... crazy people down there, we love 'em.

As a band how much time and effort go into your music?

CJ: Enough! Ha... definitely a good amount but it's not like we focus on trying to put a lot of time in it. When we are trying to write a certain way or whatever, it's done when it's done and that's pretty much it. More times than not, we make revisions and things change along the way... you need to be satisfied with the final product.

What new work do you have in the pipelines for the fans?

CJ: we definitely have some aces up our sleeve for sure and a lot of new stuff is definitely fast and aggressive, very thrashy.

How did Threatpoint form? How did you become a band?

CJ: it was put together from the ashes of two old bands... myself and Alex (guitarist) played in a band and Chris (singer) played in another band and coincidentally, our old bands played a few shows together, so we knew each other very well. Word got around that both of our bands folded, our bass player Matt actually helped put this all together.

Who is the funny guy in the band?

CJ: All of us! Seriously, we all have our moments and can really make each other laugh at times... too many times to name.

As a band have you set hard targeted goals?

CJ: through the years we have and as you do more and play more, you sort of get burnt out but you also have to find that happy medium where you do enough and it makes you satisfied. Having said that, for me personally, I would love to go to Europe.

What is it like to have your music videos and content so well put together? Who do you use for your videos and recording?

CJ: pretty amazing, actually. You see that stuff when you're just a fan or casual listener of a band and never think to yourself that one day you will be in a music video but it happened! As for who did it for us, our friend Nick Vino worked with us. Great guy personally and professionally.

What type of music did you all grow up on?

CJ: this is a bit all over the board but for myself and Chris would probably be thrash metal and Alex and Matt I'm honestly not sure. For what it's worth, they listen to a lot of newer metal bands/radio rock type of stuff also.

Who inspires you all? What bands built you into the talent you are today?

CJ: We always gets compared to bands like Devildriver, Testament, Sepultura, Pantera, and Hatebreed just to name a few... and that's totally fine with us. We sleep well at night knowing that people compare us to those quality caliber bands.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

CJ: hard to say exactly but hopefully a new album! Always have to tell the fans that without them, we are absolutely nothing... thank any and everyone who's ever supported us and continue to support us in anyway. Love you all! \m/